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2012 European Canoe Slalom Championships
Augsburg, Eiskanal
9th May – 13th Mai 2012

Augsburg will host after 1996 for the second time the European Canoe Slalom Championships.

The “founder of all artificial canoe slalom courses”, the Augsburg ‘Ice channel’ and canoe slalom stadium with a capacity of 20.000 spectators, has been the idea and model for the numerous canoe courses built all over the world and was built for the Olymic Games 1972.
International athlets are frequently coming to Augsburg either for training only for international competitions such as world cup races.

We are looking forward to seeing exciting competition races and hope to welcome many visitors who will create again the Augsburg typical noise by hammering on the commercial boards along the channel.

Governing Body / Veranstalter:

Kneza Mislava 11
HR-1000 Zagreb Croatia
Tel : +385 1 45 72 008
Fax : +385 1 45 72 010

Event Organiser / Ausrichter:

Organisation Office / Organisationsbüro
Kanu Schwaben Augsburg
Am Eiskanal 49a D-86161 Augsburg
Tel: +49 (0)821/ 56 75 95 65
Fax:+49 (0)821/ 56 75 95 67